Sunday, February 20, 2011


"MADDIE the ANGEL HORSE" ~ Commissioned 
SOLD to a Collector in England
Owner of the Angel Horse and Website
Dear Marcia,

We opened Maddies painting today and are stunned by how beautiful she is!!!! ( Sorry we didn't video the opening as we promised - we were just too eager to see it! )

I cried as I looked at what you have created for us -- you have not only captured how lovely Maddie was to look at - you have shown the world Maddie's true self ... her spirit just shines through .... gentle, kind and wise, forgiving, tolerant and calm .. a teacher, a healer and my best friend .... a soul that loved to give instead of take; even though that was often at much cost to her.

Her eye is amazing ... it glows with life, fire and love  - you can lose yourself in its depths -- how you captured this is so wonderful .... this is just how she was when you stood by her--- whatever troubles you had  she would take away from you and this is how I feel when I look at her painting now ...  although her physical body is gone from this plane now all I have to do is look at her painting and it feels as if she is in the room with me .. i talk to her as I pass by her picture and she gazes back, quitely reassuring me that all is still well and she is watching over me like the Angel that she is.

...'Maddie The Angel Horse' is truly the most fitting tribute our beautiful girl could ever have had! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating this wonderful, powerful and beautiful  tribute to her.

Dawn xxxxxx

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